Visit of a Spanish farm
during the wool conference in Merida

Biella - Italy
Chantemerle - France

ATELIER has established a network of small enterprises which enables farmers to have their own raw material processed into finished products adapted to their particular kind of wool or fibre.











Thanks to the wide variety of skills possessed by its members, ATELIER has organised many training courses: knowledge of wool, shearing, sorting and grading of fleeces, clothes manufacture and designing patterns. These courses are intended not only for members of the association, but also for other people wishing to obtain the skills required for professional activity in the field.

Felt making















ATELIER members do not consider themselves as competitors, but as complementary producers. They take part together in markets, shows and exhibitions, also selling by mail order and in some case on the spot. This helps to break through the anonymity of relations with consumers and create solid links. A specific ATELIER label guarantees the origin of the raw materials used and helps them to market their products.










ATELIER seeks in various ways to draw wider attention to wool and the different ways of using it:
  • demonstration and stands, in particular at the annual Paris Agricultural Show
  • visits of the farms or processing units of members by groups and above all school classes
  • participation in exhibitions, installation of a wool showcase at the Museum of Natural History in Paris
For the ATELIER exhibition "from the fleece to knitting-wool, blankets and clothes", see the French version










This publication provides information on the association's activities and publishes articles on the situation of the wool sector throughout Europe, particular aspects of wool production and processing, innovative initiatives,...




ATELIER has sought to draw attention within the European institutions to the difficulties of the wool industry and put forward proposals for the development of the sector. This activity has taken various form:
  • assistance in the drawing up of the Report by Sixtus Lanner on "the importance of the wool industry for rural areas in difficulty" for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (10.7.95).
  • assistance with the Report by Liam Hyland MEP "on the need for support measures for producers and processors of European wool" for the European Parliament (20.3.96).
  • founder member of the European Wool group (EWG) established in May 1997 which brings together professional organisations of breeders and processors from several European Countries.
  • ARQUEOTEX: a European Textile Industry Heritage network and the "Textile and Silk Routes", an initiative of the Council of Europe.













A questionnaire, translated into eight languages, has been sent to professional organisations, associations, breeders, artisans and enterprises ... Its aim is to draw up an inventory of the exploited and unexploited potential of the sector and elaborates proposals for presentation to local, regional, national and European authorities.




Head office: ATELIER-Laines d'Europe, c/o Filature de Chantemerle - F - 05330 Saint Chaffrey Tel: +33 (0)4 92 25 71 88
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